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Airport Technique Factory BELSTATS



  The BELSTATS introduces the airport sweeper

with hydrostatic drive blower 

 BS400PBA-2R.46  (is new model of 2014 year)


The main differences as compared with basic model of the BS-4000PBA-2I (new model 2012) are:

- russian engine YaMZ-7511 in lieu of Cummins 420

- hydrostatic driving of blower in lieu of hydromechanical (Allison 4000RDS)

- two variants of anvil wheels for plow and brush systems

- three variants of plow

- additional options (magnetic plate system, electronical control, and other)



  New product of the 2012 - 2013 winter season 


Airport sweeper BS-4000PBA-2I.46





Please see right now:

Walk around BS-4000PBA-2 


New technologies!

      Changing of the airport vacuum cleaner....



New sweeper from USA    



            Well help you to get familiar with brand-new technique, news and important events having their place in life of our company.




8-11.10.2013 - Inter Airport of Munich. We were visitors and have got many new contacts and good negotiations.  

10.10.2013 - we have shipped two snow sweepers for Joskar-Ola and Aktobe airports.

20.09.2013 - we have shipped two apron buses MAZ-171075 for Mirny Airport (Alrosa)

19/08/2013 - we have shipped the DE-235-111 snow sweepers for Chukotavia (Anadyr)






From our history.....

 During annual Aviation Show in Airport Sheremetievo (Moscow) the BELSTATS JSC shows new own built a snowsweeper for airport runway using  BELBROOM (BB-6000PBA).




              BB-6000PBA  has the most available power and productivity among airdrome cleaning plow-brush machines of the world and it doesnt have any analogs in power of cold air blowing systems.

The ramp bus MAZ-171075 is the best new product  for native airports.


MAZ-171075 - apron bus for airports 

MAZ-171075    Imported kitting by leading European manufacturers (engines, gearboxes, axles, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, climate control systems and others).

  Photos of  MAZ-171075

   Full technical characteristics of MAZ-171 you can find   here.


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